2017 Tuesday Nights Best 2/3rds

Tuesday Night Champion (best 2/3 races)
Place Boat Name Sail # Skipper
1st Tremendous Slouch 5471 Scott Milne
2nd Tundra Rose 5399 Keith Whitemore
3rd Self Abuse 2845 Harry Dursch
4th Atom Ant 1980 Bill Taylor / Mark Ross
5th Hair of the Dog 5354 Jakob Lichtenberg
6th Jailbreak 2171 Lydia Volberding
7th Big Tuna (P.M.) 617 Lucas Laffitte
8th Pearl 5477 Michael L Johnson
9th Baba Louie 2365 Mark Laura
10th Suspence 3421 Carl Sheath
11th N.S.H. 5253 Noel Morgan
12th MouseTrap 4000 Mark Prentice
13th …and your little dog too!! 5358 Hans Spiller
14th Dancer 2625 Greg Gale
15th Wild Rumpus 3220 John Weiss
16th Ghost 5322 Phil Brzytwa
17th Roshambo 3747 Mark Daniel
19th Irrational 3839 Bill Vlases
20th Eagle 1776 Bruce Sherman
21st Habanero 3746 Richard Bustamante
22nd Spark 1238 Steve Travis
23rd 1911 Ken Youch
24th Jestre 1830 Nathan Baertsch
25th 3324 Kevin Downey
26th R.Y.L.A.H. 4339 John Mason
27th Djinn 3732 Nojan Moshiri
28th Itchy & Scratchy 3593 John Schwab
29th Challenger 4272 Chris Archer
30th 5352 James Thomas
31st Joss 2950 Alex Simanis
32nd Sopa Libre 3837 Scott Davey
33rd Monamy 2363 Hayden Vokey