Team Furio at Italian J24 National Championship

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Team Furio at Italian J24 National Championship

Team Furio travelled to Cannigione in northern Sardinia for the 2012 Italian J24 National Championship and the 2012 J24 European Championship. Cannigione is the same location that held the 2008 J24 Worlds, so having sailed there before, we felt that we had a good start on other teams that would be competing there for the first time.  During the worlds, we experienced a lot of jib sailing and we were looking forward for more of the same. However, this year was different, the wind pressure never got over 12-15 kts and the only time we touched the jib was when we flaked it on the dock the very first day.


The Nationals had 9 races sailed over 4 days, first day we had 3 races and then 2 each day after that. Day 1, our plan was to have very conservative races, not win the race, but also not loose the regatta! First race was great, good start, picked the right way and a top 10 finish. Race 2 was very much the same, good start in clear air and heading in the right direction…then we hear 47 on the VHF. That was our bow number…bugger! We spin around head back to the line to clear ourselves and we were DFL except for sail number 447. In Italy things are different, in the Nationals, the language spoken over the VHF is Italian and the numbers called are the sail numbers…bugger, didn’t know that, as we were not over. File that one away for a later date. Race 3, with clear heads and not knowing about the bugger up, we repeated race 1, good clean start and clear air and we were off! The rest of the Nationals were very much the same. The Gulf of Arzachena is just such a beautiful place to sail, mid 70’s and water temps that you can sail in shorts and tee shirt or a light spay top if you are on the bow.

We had a day off before the Europeans started which was used to haul Furio to clean and Mclude her. However, I found an all girls sailing team from Germany that needed a “Whittemore rig tuning session” so I volunteered him…I mean who wouldn’t, 6 beautiful blue-eyed blondes!!! Then I heard somebody say something about wanting kill me, but it didn’t matter as it was worth it!

The Europeans had the same format, 9 races over 4 days. This time, in the Europeans the official language is English and the bow numbers will be called. Day 1 had 3 races scheduled and having finished the Nationals with a 1,5,1,5 in the last 4 races, we went out too kick butt! We forgot we were sailing in Italy, we forgot about not having too win the pin and we forgot that you can loose a regatta on the first day…bugger! The first day was a disaster, 19, OSC (a real one this time) and 22. Furio was not happy, we all knew what and why it happened and it was a very quiet sail back to the dock. The Germany ladies team on the other hand had a great day, 5,9,10 and invited us out to dinner to say thank you. I mean 6 beautiful blue-eyed blondes wants to have dinner with you, who could say no? After lots of beer and a few bottles of wine we forgot about the day and focused on the next day. Day 2 had 3 races scheduled. We went back to the basics, mid line starts, keep away from the swarms of Italian boats and get clear air going in the right direction, and it worked we had a 4,1,1. For the next 2 days of racing, we followed the same format, only get aggressive when you really need too and sail clean races. We finished the regatta with a 5,2,2.

The conditions were so different compared with 2008 and having sailed 18 races in 8 days, we were all happy not to see the jib! Italy is fabulous, the food, the wine and the people are always friendly, except when you want to win the pin!