North Sails Testing Session at Shilshole

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Memorandum To:      Seattle J-24 Fleet CC:     Chris Snow & Jack Christensen From: KW Date:  5/17/2012 Re:     Report on sail testing / tuning session On the weekend of May 4th, 5th and 6th The Tundra Rose / Mark Laura and Pat Dore teams did a two (2) boat sail testing and tuning session off Shilshole.  First we all want to thank Jack Christensen and Chris Snow with North Sails for bringing their expertise and test sails to the event.  We also want to thank Harry for the loan of Self Abuse (and his new genoa). Chris Snow did an excellent presentation Friday night on...

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Tuning Guide – Keith Whittemore

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Per your request here is how we set up a J-24. Basically it is exactly the same as the North Sails tuning guide with the additions of mast butt adjustment and how we set up our rig tension. First to be clear on the absolute basics: Mast blocked (“J”) measurement at max (2925 mm from stem fitting) Head stay at max length (8670mm) Spreaders at minimum length (760mm from mast) Mast at minimum height (Band no more than 400mm above sheer) Spreaders at 155mm to 165mm sweep from back of mast (we like 165mm as we sail in a lot of light air and if you usually sail in a lot of wind we would...

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