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The July 11 training session was a huge success!  Twelve J24s from our fleet 26 participated, Rob Hyslop from the Sandpoint fleet joined us, and the excitement even spilled over from the J24 class that had 4 boats join in.  The total number of participants was estimated at more than 75, and they were treated to  great chalk talks from Keith Whittemore, Kevin Downey and Harry Dursch.  (See Harry’s notes under the Articles tab, and then Area Knowledge).  Other talks were postponed to maximize the time on  the water – we’ll catch those another time around.

On-the-water training included:  Speed tuning, and paired speed testing;  Tacks, jibes, sets and douses; and Starts.

And – as always – the best part was the barbeque and camaraderie at the end.  If you missed it this time –  don’t miss the next one.  It was a lot of fun and an incredible learning experience.


The 2017 National Championships were concluded on May 21 at the Seattle CYC deep water venue at Shilshole.  Great weather and good winds prevailed.  Nine races held allowed one throw-out for the regatta results.  Thirty-two boats competed for the championship.  Visiting boats/skippers included Will Wells from Portsmouth, RI and Siesta/Nobuyuki Imai all the way from Japan!  And the East side of District 19 was well represented with 3 teams from  Sandpoint, ID, and 2 from Flathead Lake,  MT.

The championship was won by team Tundra Rose with Keith Wittemore at the helm supported by the crew work of Kevin Downey, Brian Thomas, Mark Rogers, and Shelby Milne.  By winning this regatta, Team Tundra qualifies for the 2018 World Championships to be held at Lake Garda, Italy

View the results at http://www.cycseattle.org/results/2017_specific/j24.html


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The Seattle City Council is currently debating the merits of a new contract and contractor to manage,  operate and maintain the Leschi Marina.  Done right, this could  mean the continuation of affordable moorage and lake access for our fleet for well into the future.  Done wrong, it could mean either continued deterioration of the marina, or a conversion into a high end large motor yacht oriented facility.  Both of which could severely impact the fleet.

A short note – email to each of the City Council members could be the difference between having affordable and safe access to Lake Washington or not.  Please take the time (it only takes a couple of minutes) to pen a quick note and send it to each of the  council members.  You will find their email addresses at http://www.seattle.gov/council/meet-the-council






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